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Posted by Markham at 7:54pm, 2/5/2014 (UTC)

Yeah, I need to get back to updating this more regularly. This website is also due for another update to the design and layout.

I've been more active on my Tumblr account, though, so for now you can check out my Tumblr Thing.

Posted by Markham at 11:12pm, 9/2/2013 (UTC)
Figure Drawing SelectionFile Size: 308.62kb

Figure drawings for my portfolio.

Posted by Markham at 10:47pm, 9/2/2013 (UTC)
Figure Drawing Selection - ExaggeratedFile Size: 132.89kb

Exaggerated figure drawings for my portfolio.

Posted by Markham at 10:23pm, 9/2/2013 (UTC)
Gesture Drawing SelectionFile Size: 145.27kb

Gesture drawings for my portfolio.

Posted by Markham at 7:59pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Figure DrawingsFile Size: 376.58kb

Figure drawing samples for my portfolio.

Posted by Markham at 7:46pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Sky WeaselFile Size: 340.16kb

This was from another character design project from Jake Parker's class, more open-ended this time around.

Posted by Markham at 7:34pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Character Concept DesignsFile Size: 357.69kb

These are more concept designs for the same character.

Posted by Markham at 7:27pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Character Concept DesignsFile Size: 219.57kb

We're all working on our group senior film now here at BYU, and these were concept designs I made for one of the characters.

Posted by Markham at 7:23pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Sea CaptainFile Size: 193.35kb

This was from another project in Jake Parker's class, a sea captain character design project.

Posted by Markham at 7:16pm, 3/1/2013 (UTC)
Foxes McCloudFile Size: 339.73kb

An assignment in a class I'm taking taught by Jake Parker was to take a Nintendo character and redesign it. I was only supposed to do one, but after completing the required one, I did another two because I had a few other silhouettes that looked cool.

Posted by Markham at 12:06am, 12/19/2012 (UTC)

This is my 2d Character Animation final. The dialogue is from last month's 11-Second Club.

Posted by Markham at 11:37pm, 12/18/2012 (UTC)
The Fox and the Crane Concept SketchesFile Size: 513.84kb

Concept sketches for an Aesop's Fable story-boarding group project. Our group chose The Fox and the Crane. Since Aesop was Greek, we considered dressing them in togas, but decided not to in the end.